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Words that Rhyme with if

1 Syllable Words

biff, clif, cliff, cliffe, diff, giff, griff, jif, kiff, liff, liffe, riff, riffe, schiff, shiff, skiff, sniff, stiff, tiff, whiff, ziff

2 Syllable Words

aliff, bailiff, bayliff, braniff, briarcliff, calef, calif, califf, canniff, cardiff, conniff, cosgriff, cundiff, cunliffe, cunniff, elliff, gatliff, heathcliff, hinchcliff, hinchcliffe, hinchliffe, hogrefe, iliff, jolliff, jolliffe, lahiff, massif, mcgriff, mcniff, midkiff, nassif, northcliff, oliff, olliff, pontiff, rackliff, rackliffe, radcliff, radcliffe, radliff, ratcliff, ratcliffe, rateliff, ratliff, ratliffe, setliff, sheriff, sherriff, shurtleff, shurtliff, stancliff, sutcliff, sutcliffe, sutliff, tardif, tardiff, topliff, wickliff, wickliffe, woodcliff, woodliff, wycliff, yousif, zeliff

3 Syllable Words

handkerchief, iosif, vandagriff, vandergriff

Definitions of if

conj. In case that; granting, allowing, or supposing that; -- introducing a condition or supposition.

conj. Whether; -- in dependent questions.

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