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Words that Rhyme with illinois

1 Syllable Words

boies, boy, boy's, boye, boyes, boys, boys', boyz, broy, choi, choy, cloy, coy, coye, croix, croix's, croy, doi, floy, foie, foy, foye, goy, hoi, hoy, hoye, joy, joy's, joye, joys, knoy, kroy, loy, loye, moise, moy, moye, moyes, neu, noise, noyes, oi, oie, oy, oye, ploy, ploys, poise, roi, roy, roy's, roye, roys, scheu, sgroi, soy, stoy, toy, toy's, toye, toys, toys', troise, troy, woy, yoy

2 Syllable Words

alloy, alloys, aloys, alroy, annoy, annoys, bolshoi, bolshoi's, brayboy, busboy, busboys, carboy, chinoy, convoy, convoys, cowboy, cowboy's, cowboys, cowboys', deboy, decoy, dejoy, deploy, deploys, destroy, destroys, doughboy, ellroy, eloise, elroy, employ, employs, enjoy, enjoys, fantroy, farmboy, fauntroy, fitzroy, flournoy, gilroy, hanoi's, highboy, homeboys, kilroy, laboy, lacroix, lafoy, lamboy, lavoy, leroy, lovejoy, malloy, mccloy, mccoy, mccoys, mckoy, mcroy, mcvoy, melroy, milroy, monroy, montjoy, montroy, mountjoy, mulroy, nimoy, playboy, playboy's, polloi, pomroy, popejoy, popejoy's, quemoy, savoy, schoolboy, schoolboys, tolstoy, tolstoy's, tomboy, vanscoy, vickroy

3 Syllable Words

attaboy, attaboys, corduroy, deveroy, fauntleroy, illinois's, iroquois, littleboy, mcavoy, mcelroy, mcevoy, mcilroy, mcinroy, polevoi, pomeroy, redeploy, unemploy

4 Syllable Words

beregovoy, underemploy

Definition of illinois

n.sing. & pl. A tribe of North American Indians, which formerly occupied the region between the Wabash and Mississippi rivers.

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