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Words that Rhyme with intercept

1 Syllable Words

crept, kept, leaped, leapt, prepped, sept, slept, stepped, swept, wept

2 Syllable Words

accept, adept, except, inept, precept, sidestepped, windswept

3 Syllable Words

overslept, overstepped

Definitions of intercept

v. t. To take or seize by the way, or before arrival at the destined place; to cause to stop on the passage; as, to intercept a letter; a telegram will intercept him at Paris.

v. t. To obstruct or interrupt the progress of; to stop; to hinder or oppose; as, to intercept the current of a river.

v. t. To interrupt communication with, or progress toward; to cut off, as the destination; to blockade.

v. t. To include between; as, that part of the line which is intercepted between the points A and B.

n. A part cut off or intercepted, as a portion of a line included between two points, or cut off two straight lines or curves.

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