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Words that Rhyme with irritability

4 Syllable Words

ability, agility, civility, debility, docility, ductility, fertility, fragility, futility, hostility, mobility, nobility, senility, utility, virility

5 Syllable Words

capability, feasibility, flexibility, legibility, possibility, probability, rehability, versatility, viability, volatility

6 Syllable Words

acceptability, adaptability, admissibility, affordability, amiability, applicability, availability, combinability, compatibility, deductibility, electability, invisibility, malleability, palatability, reliability, responsibility, susceptibility

7 Syllable Words

comprehensibility, inaccessibility, irresponsibility

Definitions of irritability

n. The state or quality of being irritable; quick excitability; petulance; fretfulness; as, irritability of temper.

n. A natural susceptibility, characteristic of all living organisms, tissues, and cells, to the influence of certain stimuli, response being manifested in a variety of ways, -- as that quality in plants by which they exhibit motion under suitable stimulation; esp., the property which living muscle processes, of responding either to a direct stimulus of its substance, or to the stimulating influence of its nerve fibers, the response being indicated by a change of form, or contraction; contractility.

n. A condition of morbid excitability of an organ or part of the body; undue susceptibility to the influence of stimuli. See Irritation, n., 3.

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