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Words that Rhyme with is

1 Syllable Words

biz, buis, czyz, does, fizz, griz, his, kriz, liz, ms, ms., quiz, riz, says, tis, whiz, wiz

2 Syllable Words

aces, age's, ages, ambriz, ames's, arches, ashes, axes, bache's, badges, banks's, barges, bases, bashes, bass's, basses, batches, beaches, beers's, benches, benz's, benzes, berges, binges, birch's, bitches, blazes, blesses, blitzes, blouses, blushes, boches, boss's, bosses, bosses', bounces, bourse's, bourses, bowses, boxes, brace's, braces, brahms's, branch's, branches, brands's, breaches, breezes, bridge's, bridges, broaches, bronzes, brooks's, bruges, bruises, brunches, brushes, brydges, bulges, bunches, bures, burns's, busch's, buses, bush's, buzzes, caches, cage's, cages, case's, cases, cashes, catches, causes, ceases, chances, changes, charges, charles's, chase's, chases, chatz's, cheeses, choices, chooses, churches, churches', clashes, class's, classes, clauses, clinches, clines's, closes, clutches, coach's, coaches, coaxes, coors's, corpses, couches, course's, courses, cox's, crash's, crashes, creases, cresses, cringes, cross's, crosses, cruises, crunches, crushes, crutches, cruz's, curses, dances, dashes, dax's, deis, dieses, dinges, dishes, ditches, dodge's, dodges, doenges, doles's, doses, downes's, dozes, dredges, dresses, duis, dyches, eases, edges, else's, elses, esses, etches, exes, faces, faxes, feliz, fences, ferriz, fetches, finches, fish's, fishes, fixes, flash's, flashes, fleiss's, flexes, flounces, flushes, forbes's, forbeses, force's, forces, forces', forges, france's, freezes, french's, fringes, funches, fuses, fusses, fuzes, garges, gas's, gases, gasses, gates's, gauges, gazes, george's, georges, gibbs's, glances, glass's, glasses, glazes, glimpses, glitches, glosses, gorges, grace's, graces, granges, grasses, graves's, greece's, gross's, grosses, grouses, grudges, gruis, guesses, guez's, guises, guses, gushes, h's, h.'s, hariz, hatch's, hatches, hedges, heiges, heinz's, helms's, hentges, hesse's, hinges, hirsch's, hiss's, hisses, hitches, hoaxes, hodge's, hodges, holmes's, holtz's, horses, horses', hoses, house's, houses, houses', hughes's, hunches, hynes's, ices, inches, inches', itches, james's, jobs's, johns's, jones's, joneses, joyce's, judge's, judges, judges', juices, karges, kirgiz, kisses, klages, kluge's, knox's, krebs's, laces, lance's, lapses, lashes, latches, launches, leach's, leaches, lease's, leases, leashes, ledges, leeches, leeds's, leibniz, lenses, lenz's, lodge's, lodges, loges, looses, loses, losses, lounges, luce's, lunches, lunges, luntz's, lurches, lynch's, lynxes, mages, manges, march's, marches, marks's, mars's, marsh's, marshes, martz's, masses, match's, matches, matthes, max's, mazes, meese's, menges, merges, meshes, messes, midge's, midges, mills's, minges, mises, misses, missus, mixes, mize's, moises, moniz, mosses, mrs, mrs., mulches, muniz, muses, nash's, neises, news's, niches, niece's, nieces, nilges, nixes, noises, noses, notches, nudges, nurse's, nurses, nurses', oozes, ounces, pace's, paces, page's, pages, passes, patches, pattiz, pauses, peaches, perches, perses, phases, phelps's, phrases, pieces, piech's, pierce's, pies's, pitches, pitts's, place's, places, pleases, pledges, plunges, plus's, pluses, pooches, porches, porges, porsche's, porsches, poses, praises, prances, preaches, press's, presses, price's, prices, prince's, princes, prizes, pulses, punches, purges, purses, pushes, pusses, quizzes, race's, races, rages, raises, rales's, rance's, ranch's, ranges, rashes, reaches, reese's, reeves's, reitzes, rice's, rich's, riches, ridges, rises, roaches, roche's, rolls's, rose's, roses, ross's, rouse's, royce's, royces, ruis, ruses, rush's, rushes, s's, s.'s, sachs's, saens's, sages, saks's, sashes, sauces, schutz's, sconces, scotches, scourges, scratches, screeches, searches, sears's, seizes, senses, sexes, shortz's, showbiz, shultz's, sieges, sitzes, six's, sixes, sizes, sketches, slashes, slices, slouches, smashes, smilgis, snatches, sneezes, sox's, spaces, speakes's, speeches, spices, spinfizz, spinks's, splashes, splices, spouse's, spouses, squeezes, stages, stances, starches, stearns's, stitches, stooges, strauss's, stresses, stretches, sturges, subs's, suisse's, surges, swatches, swishes, switches, tax's, taxes, taxes', teaches, teases, tengiz, thatches, thinnes, thrashes, thrushes, times's, tisch's, tish's, toenjes, torches, tosses, touches, traces, trashes, trenches, tresses, trudges, trusses, tushes, twitches, urges, uses, vases, vaxes, veliz, verges, verses, vices, voges, voice's, voices, vons's, wages, walsh's, washes, watches, waxes, wedges, weintz's, weiss's, welch's, wells's, wenches, wheezes, which's, whizzes, wickes's, wiles's, wishes, witch's, witches, wrenches, wyse's, x's, x.'s, x.s, yanez, yepez, yeses, zises

3 Syllable Words

absences, abuses, accuses, actress's, actresses, adams's, addresses, advances, advises, affixes, agassiz, airbus's, ajaj's, ajax's, akers's, alaniz, alex's, alleges, amazes, ambushes, amex's, amos's, amuses, annexes, announces, apex's, appraises, approaches, arises, arouses, arranges, askers's, assesses, atkins's, atlas's, atlases, attaches, auspices, average's, averages, avtex's, babbage's, baha'is, balances, bandages, barclays's, barrages, beatrice's, berghuis, beverages, biases, bihac's, blemishes, blockages, bofors's, bonuses, bookcases, boris's, brandishes, briefcases, brokerage's, brokerages, brokerages', brothers's, bulfinch's, bulthuis, burriss, business's, businesses, businesses', buttresses, bypasses, cabbages, cabooses, cadences, calpers's, campuses, candice's, canvases, canvasses, carcasses, cardiges, carriages, caucus's, caucuses, censuses, cetus's, cevaxs, challenges, chambers's, chandeliers, chappuis, chastises, cherishes, chiles's, choruses, christmases, circus's, citrus's, claridges, clearances, climaxes, clubhouses, cockroaches, collages, collapses, college's, colleges, colleges', collins's, comex's, commerce's, composes, compresses, comprises, concourses, conference's, confesses, confuses, congress', congress's, congresses, consciences, convinces, cottages, courthouses, coverages, cowlings's, crevices, crocuses, crosspieces, crovitz's, cummins's, cyclops's, cypress's, cyrix's, dallas's, damages, daniels's, davis's, decreases, defarges, defense's, defenses, denounces, depresses, despises, desroches, detaches, device's, devices, devises, dickens's, dios's, discloses, discourses, discusses, disease's, diseases, disguises, dismisses, dispatches, dispenses, displaces, disposes, distances, distresses, diverges, divorces, dollhouses, dominguez, dosages, douglas's, douglass, dreyfus's, dupuis, earpieces, eclipses, edwards's, elders's, ellis's, elvis's, embraces, emerges, encroaches, endorses, enforces, engages, enhances, enlarges, enriches, entrenches, erases, espouses, essex's, ethnos's, evans's, excesses, exchange's, exchanges, exchanges', excises, excuses, expanses, expenses, exposes, express's, expresses, eyeglasses, eyelashes, farmers's, farmhouses, fedders's, ferriss, fetuses, finances, finishes, firebush's, fireplaces, flatfishes, florence's, flourishes, focuses, forecloses, fortas's, fortresses, fragrances, franchise's, franchises, furnaces, furnishes, galaviz, galoshes, garages, gavras's, gearboxes, genex's, geniuses, gingrich's, gingriches, givens's, goddesses, goldfinches, goodrich's, greenhouses, greenpeace's, greenwich's, grievances, grimaces, guardfish's, guesthouses, guinness's, harnesses, harris's, highrises, hindrances, holvis's, hospice's, hospices, hostages', hostesses, illnesses, images, imax's, impinges, imposes, impresses, impulses, increases, index's, indexes, indices, induces, indulges, infringes, infuses, instances, invoices, irises, jacobs's, jarvis's, jefferies's, jewfishes, jukeboxes, justice's, justices, justices', kansas's, kasich's, languages, languishes, laroche's, lawrence's, lewis's, lexus's, licences, licenses, lighthouses, likenesses, limoges, linkages, lopez's, lotus's, lucas's, lyons's, mahfouz's, mailboxes, manages, marcos', marcos's, marcoses, marcoses', marcus's, margoshes, marriages, martens's, martins's, massages, mastrich's, matisse's, matrix's, matthews's, mattress's, mattresses, maxus's, melridge's, messages, minuses, mischarges, misjudges, mismatches, mistresses, misuses, mladic's, morasses, morris's, morriss, mortgage's, mortgages, mouthpieces, mustaches, myers's, natchez's, necklaces, nicholas's, nichols's, nicklaus's, nienhuis, norris's, notices, novices, nuances, nynex's, obliges, offenses, office's, offices, onex's, opposes, oranges, ordnance's, ostriches, outages, outhouses, outpaces, outrages, ovitz's, owens's, package's, packages, palaces, paris's, parishes, parrishes, partridges, passages, patlex's, penises, peres's, perkins's, perplexes, phalanges, philips's, phillips's, phoenix's, pickens's, pillages, pipefishes, plumages, police's, polices, possesses, poultices, povich's, practices, presages, presences, pretenses, primroses, princess's, princesses, privileges, produces, professes, pronounces, proposes, province's, publishes, purchases, purposes, queenfish's, racehorses, radishes, raleses, ramesses, rampages, ravages, realizes, reduces, references, refreshes, refuge's, refuges, refuses, rehearses, relapses, relaxes, releases, relishes, remisses, renounces, replaces, research's, researches, resendiz, resources, resources', responses, reuters's, reverses, revises, reynolds's, richards's, roberts's, robins's, rogers's, rollins's, romances, rothmans's, royex's, sampras's, samurais, sanchez's, sanders's, sandoz's, sandwiches, sarage's, saunders's, sausages, savages, savings's, science's, sciences, sciences', scorsese's, sellars's, sentences, sequences, service's, services, services', shortages, showcases, siemens's, silences, simmons's, skirmishes, skyboxes, soros's, sprogus's, staircases, statehouses, steakhouses, stephens's, stevens's, stoppages, stopwatches, storehouse's, stratus's, substances, successes, suez's, suffices, suitcases, summers's, summonses, sunglasses, sunrise's, supposes, suppresses, surcharges, surfaces, surmises, surpasses, surpluses, surprises, surtaxes, swordfish's, sybase's, syntex's, telex's, telmex's, tennis's, terence's, terraces, texas', texas's, thomas', thomas's, thomases, tompkinses, toothbrushes, townhouses, unleashes, usages, vanishes, vantage's, vantages, varnishes, venice's, verges's, versluis, vessels's, vestiges, village's, villages, vintages, virus's, viruses, voltage's, voltages, voyages, waitresses, waldholtz's, walruses, wantages, warehouses, weaknesses, williams's, willis's, winans's, witness's, witnesses, witnesses', workhorses, workplaces, wristwatches, xerox's, xeroxes, ybanez

4 Syllable Words

abolishes, acceptances, accomplishes, acknowledges, acquaintances, addidas's, addidases, admonishes, advantages, advertises, aerospace's, agonizes, albatrosses, aliases, allegiances, allegis's, alliance's, alliances, allowances, ambulances, analyzes, angeles's, annoyances, appendages, appendixes, appliances, apprentices, arias's, arrearages, assurances, atlantis', atlantis's, authorizes, avalanches, bangladesh's, baton-rouge's, beatrice's, boardinghouses, brokerage's, brokerages, brokerages', brutalizes, cardenas's, carriers's, centrifuges, cineplex's, circumstances, clearinghouses, coffeehouses, columbus's, companies's, compromises, conference's, confidences, contrivances, conveniences, countenances, countercharges, coverages, criticizes, crucifixes, culverhouse's, cyberspace's, damascus's, databases, decomposes, demonizez, dershowitz's, differences, diminishes, disabuses, discourages, disparages, distillers's, distinguishes, disturbances, divergences, dramatizes, dukakis', dukakis's, dukakises, dynamics's, embarrasses, eminences, emphasizes, encourages, energizes, enfranchises, enterprise's, enterprises, enterprises', envisages, establishes, exercises, eyewitnesses, falconbridge's, fantasizes, fertilizes, firehouses, formalizes, fuselages, heritage's, humanizes, idolizes, imbalances, immunizes, incidences, indulgences, inferences, influences, injustices, insurance's, insurances, interchanges, interfaces, introduces, ionics's, ironizes, issuances, jeopardizes, kotsonis's, lineages, lyonnais's, macintosh's, macintoshes, macrophages, marketplace's, marketplaces, martinez's, masterpieces, maximizes, megahouses, mercedes's, mercedeses, minibuses, miramax's, miscarriages, nacogdoches, nautilus's, neutralizes, nicholas's, observances, occurrences, ordinances, organizes, orphanages, overcharges, overdoses, overpasses, overreaches, oversizes, paradoxes, paralyzes, paribas's, penalizes, percentages, performances, pilgrimages, polarizes, porterages, powerhouses, preferences, prejudices, pressurizes, presupposes, privileges, prospectuses, providence's, realizes, recognizes, references, refinances, refocuses, reimburses, reinforces, reliance's, relinquishes, remembrances, reminisces, remittances, renaissance's, repackages, reproduces, repurchases, residences, rhapsodizes, rodriguez's, sacrifices, salinas's, sassafras's, satirizes, scrutinizes, selinas's, slaughterhouses, specializes, stabilizes, sterilizes, stewardesses, submarines's, subsidizes, summarizes, supervises, symbolizes, sympathizes, systemhouse's, tantalizes, telesis's, terrorizes, theorizes, tolerances, trivializes, turbocharges, unisys's, universes, utilizes, utterances, variances, waterhouse's, westfaelisches, westinghouse's, wireless's

5 Syllable Words

allegiances, annapolis's, apologizes, biosciences, capitalizes, categorizes, coincidences, continuances, disadvantages, disallowances, disappearances, endotronics's, epitomizes, experiences, immortalizes, inconveniences, independence's, isomedix's, legitimizes, marginalizes, milosevic's, monopolizes, personalizes, prioritizes, reassurances, reintroduces, reminiscences, reorganizes, retroviruses, stockbrokerages, telesciences, trivializes

6 Syllable Words

catacosinos's, demilitarizes, hippopotamuses, izetbegovic's, materializes, minneapolis's, sensationalizes

7 Syllable Words

indianapolis's, institutionalizes

Definition of is

v. i. The third person singular of the substantive verb be, in the indicative mood, present tense; as, he is; he is a man. See Be.

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