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Words that Rhyme with italic

2 Syllable Words

alec, allick, fralick, galik, gallic, gallick, gallik, halik, halleck, malick, malik, mallek, mallick, phallic, salick

3 Syllable Words

metallic, mihalic

5 Syllable Words


Definitions of italic

a. Relating to Italy or to its people.

a. Applied especially to a kind of type in which the letters do not stand upright, but slope toward the right; -- so called because dedicated to the States of Italy by the inventor, Aldus Manutius, about the year 1500.

n. An Italic letter, character, or type (see Italic, a., 2.); -- often in the plural; as, the Italics are the author's. Italic letters are used to distinguish words for emphasis, importance, antithesis, etc. Also, collectively, Italic letters.

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