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Words that Rhyme with jesse

2 Syllable Words

bessey, bessie, bessy, ceci, cresci, cressey, cressy, dressy, essie, jessie, jessy, jessye, messy, nesci, nesi, nessi, nessie, plessey, plessy, pressey, tessie, tessy, vesey, vessey

3 Syllable Words

alesi, alessi, barresi, bisesi, ciresi, cortesi, galesi, lucchesi, marchesi, montesi, teresi

4 Syllable Words

bolognesi, fenyvessy, genovesi, modarressi, sulawesi

Definitions of jesse

n. Any representation or suggestion of the genealogy of Christ, in decorative art

n. A genealogical tree represented in stained glass.

n. A candlestick with many branches, each of which bears the name of some one of the descendants of Jesse; -- called also tree of Jesse.

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