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Words that Rhyme with knowledge

2 Syllable Words

colledge, college

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of knowledge

v. i. The act or state of knowing; clear perception of fact, truth, or duty; certain apprehension; familiar cognizance; cognition.

v. i. That which is or may be known; the object of an act of knowing; a cognition; -- chiefly used in the plural.

v. i. That which is gained and preserved by knowing; instruction; acquaintance; enlightenment; learning; scholarship; erudition.

v. i. That familiarity which is gained by actual experience; practical skill; as, a knowledge of life.

v. i. Scope of information; cognizance; notice; as, it has not come to my knowledge.

v. i. Sexual intercourse; -- usually preceded by carnal; as, carnal knowledge.

v. t. To acknowledge.

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