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Words that Rhyme with last

1 Syllable Words

ass, assed, ast, aust, bass, basse, bast, blass, blast, bras, brass, cas, cass, cast, caste, chasse, class, classed, cost, crass, crossed, das, dass, fahs, fass, fast, frost, gas, gass, gassed, gast, glas, glass, glassed, glossed, gras, grass, grasse, grassed, hass, hast, jass, kass, kast, klas, klass, kras, krass, lass, lost, mass, mass., masse, massed, mast, maust, nass, nast, pass, passed, past, pasts, plas, plass, plasse, ras, rast, sas, sass, sasse, tass, tossed, vass, vast, yass, yoest

2 Syllable Words

accost, aghast, airgas, alas, alsace, amass, amassed, amcast, belfast, bluegrass, broadcast, broadcasts, bumpass, bypass, bypassed, comcast, contrast, contrasts, criss-crossed, crisscrossed, defrost, depass, downcast, eelgrass, embossed, exhaust, eyeglass, forecast, forecasts, harass, harassed, holdfast, impasse, jackass, lacoste, lambaste, lambastes, landmass, lightfast, miscast, morass, newscast, newscasts, outcast, outcasts, outclass, outlast, piepgras, precast, qualcast, recast, repass, sandblast, serfass, shortgrass, snodgrass, spyglass, steadfast, sunglass, surpass, surpassed, tallgrass, trespass, typecast, umass, vanasse, worldpass, yankass

3 Syllable Words

armacost, chloroplast, chloroplasts, colorfast, energas, fiberglas, fiberglass, flabbergast, holocaust, hourglass, middle-class, mini-cost, overcast, overpass, pendergast, pentecost, plexiglas, plexiglass, polycast, prendergast, rebroadcast, sassafras, simulcast, superfast, telecast, telecasts, tillinghast, triplecast, underclass, underpass, unsurpassed, upperclass

4 Syllable Words

amerigas, enthusiast, enthusiasts, iconoclast

Definitions of last

3d pers. sing. pres. of Last, to endure, contracted from lasteth.

a. Being after all the others, similarly classed or considered, in time, place, or order of succession; following all the rest; final; hindmost; farthest; as, the last year of a century; the last man in a line of soldiers; the last page in a book; his last chance.

a. Next before the present; as, I saw him last week.

a. Supreme; highest in degree; utmost.

a. Lowest in rank or degree; as, the last prize.

a. Farthest of all from a given quality, character, or condition; most unlikely; having least fitness; as, he is the last person to be accused of theft.

a. At a time or on an occasion which is the latest of all those spoken of or which have occurred; the last time; as, I saw him last in New York.

a. In conclusion; finally.

a. At a time next preceding the present time.

v. i. To continue in time; to endure; to remain in existence.

v. i. To endure use, or continue in existence, without impairment or exhaustion; as, this cloth lasts better than that; the fuel will last through the winter.

v. i. A wooden block shaped like the human foot, on which boots and shoes are formed.

v. t. To shape with a last; to fasten or fit to a last; to place smoothly on a last; as, to last a boot.

n. A load; a heavy burden; hence, a certain weight or measure, generally estimated at 4,000 lbs., but varying for different articles and in different countries. In England, a last of codfish, white herrings, meal, or ashes, is twelve barrels; a last of corn, ten quarters, or eighty bushels, in some parts of England, twenty-one quarters; of gunpowder, twenty-four barrels, each containing 100 lbs; of red herrings, twenty cades, or 20,000; of hides, twelve dozen; of leather, twenty dickers; of pitch and tar, fourteen barrels; of wool, twelve sacks; of flax or feathers, 1,700 lbs.

n. The burden of a ship; a cargo.

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