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Words that Rhyme with leaven

2 Syllable Words

bevan, beven, devan, devon, evan, evon, heaven, kevan, levan, previn, seven

3 Syllable Words

eleven, estefan, mcgrevin, mcnevin

Definitions of leaven

n. Any substance that produces, or is designed to produce, fermentation, as in dough or liquids; esp., a portion of fermenting dough, which, mixed with a larger quantity of dough, produces a general change in the mass, and renders it light; yeast; barm.

n. Anything which makes a general assimilating (especially a corrupting) change in the mass.

v. t. To make light by the action of leaven; to cause to ferment.

v. t. To imbue; to infect; to vitiate.

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