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Words that Rhyme with loco

2 Syllable Words

cocco, cocoa, cuoco, koko, poco, shoko, yoko

3 Syllable Words

arocho, derocco, dicocco, fuoco, larocco, lococo, marrocco, mazzocco, oxoco, quinoco, ruocco, sonoco, sunoco, tinoco, wainoco

4 Syllable Words

buttafuoco, magliocco, orinoco

Definitions of loco

adv. A direction in written or printed music to return to the proper pitch after having played an octave higher.

n. A plant (Astragalus Hornii) growing in the Southwestern United States, which is said to poison horses and cattle, first making them insane. The name is also given vaguely to several other species of the same genus. Called also loco weed.

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