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Words that Rhyme with malice

2 Syllable Words

alice, allis, alyce, balas, ballasts, callace, callis, callous, callus, challis, dalis, dallas, dallas', fallis, gallus, galus, kalis, kallis, kallus, kalous, mallis, palace, pallas, rallis, sallis, salus, valis, vallis

3 Syllable Words

corvallis, daedalus, ilalis, ilalis', kansallis, prothallus

4 Syllable Words

borealis, digitalis

Definitions of malice

n. Enmity of heart; malevolence; ill will; a spirit delighting in harm or misfortune to another; a disposition to injure another; a malignant design of evil.

n. Any wicked or mischievous intention of the mind; a depraved inclination to mischief; an intention to vex, annoy, or injure another person, or to do a wrongful act without just cause or cause or excuse; a wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others; willfulness.

v. t. To regard with extreme ill will.

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