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Words that Rhyme with mars

1 Syllable Words

ares, baars, bar's, barr's, barres, barrs, bars, barz, car's, carr's, cars, cars', czar's, czars, far's, gars, jars, kahr's, kahrs, lars, marrs, mars', marz, nars, ours, par's, pars, r's, r.'s, r.s, sars, scars, staar's, star's, starr's, starrs, stars, stars', vars

2 Syllable Words

azhar's, bazaars, boxcars, cigars, dinars, dzhokhar's, feldspars, gaidar's, guitars, hectares, jabar's, jaguar's, jaguars, lamar's, magyars, melkar's, memoirs, minstar's, mizar's, myanmar's, radars, railcars, renoirs, seskar's, sidebars, tokars, windstar's

3 Syllable Words

aerostars, cojimar's, escobar's, handlebars, hekmatyar's, minicars, morningstar's, motorcars, npr's, registrars, reservoirs, seminars, superstars

Definitions of mars

n. The god of war and husbandry.

n. One of the planets of the solar system, the fourth in order from the sun, or the next beyond the earth, having a diameter of about 4,200 miles, a period of 687 days, and a mean distance of 141,000,000 miles. It is conspicuous for the redness of its light.

n. The metallic element iron, the symbol of which / was the same as that of the planet Mars.

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