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Words that Rhyme with medulla

2 Syllable Words

beula, beulah, bula, chula, ciulla, dula, eula, gula, gulla, gullah, hula, kula, kulla, lula, mula, mullah, rula, shula, tula, ula

3 Syllable Words

abdulla, abdullah, afula, babula, bakula, cebula, cibula, deptula, fatula, feldmuehle, kotula, lemuela, matula, mcculla, mccullah, mcculloh, mccullough, mikula, missoula, padula, pakula, pastula, pikula, pribula, regula, sekula, tallula, tallulah, vedula, zappulla

4 Syllable Words

arambula, pascagoula, valenzuela

Definitions of medulla

n. Marrow; pith; hence, essence.

n. The marrow of bones; the deep or inner portion of an organ or part; as, the medulla, or medullary substance, of the kidney; specifically, the medula oblongata.

n. A soft tissue, occupying the center of the stem or branch of a plant; pith.

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