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Words that Rhyme with meeting

2 Syllable Words

beating, cheating, eating, fleeting, geeting, greeting, heating, keating, seating, sheeting, smeeting, sweeting, treating, wieting

3 Syllable Words

competing, completing, defeating, deleting, depleting, meat-eating, mistreating, repeating, retreating, unseating

4 Syllable Words

overeating, overheating

Definitions of meeting

p. pr. & vb. n. of Meet

n. A coming together; an assembling; as, the meeting of Congress.

n. A junction, crossing, or union; as, the meeting of the roads or of two rivers.

n. A congregation; a collection of people; a convention; as, a large meeting; an harmonius meeting.

n. An assembly for worship; as, to attend meeting on Sunday; -- in England, applied distinctively and disparagingly to the worshiping assemblies of Dissenters.

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