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Words that Rhyme with meridian

3 Syllable Words

didion, gideon

4 Syllable Words

ceridian, davidian, floridian, meridien, obsidian, providian

6 Syllable Words


Definitions of meridian

a. Being at, or pertaining to, midday; belonging to, or passing through, the highest point attained by the sun in his diurnal course.

a. Pertaining to the highest point or culmination; as, meridian splendor.

a. Midday; noon.

a. Hence: The highest point, as of success, prosperity, or the like; culmination.

a. A great circle of the sphere passing through the poles of the heavens and the zenith of a given place. It is crossed by the sun at midday.

a. A great circle on the surface of the earth, passing through the poles and any given place; also, the half of such a circle included between the poles.

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