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Words that Rhyme with mummy

2 Syllable Words

chummy, crummey, crummy, drummey, dummy, gummi, gummy, mummey, rummy, summey, summy, tumey, tummy, yummy

Definitions of mummy

n. A dead body embalmed and dried after the manner of the ancient Egyptians; also, a body preserved, by any means, in a dry state, from the process of putrefaction.

n. Dried flesh of a mummy.

n. A gummy liquor that exudes from embalmed flesh when heated; -- formerly supposed to have magical and medicinal properties.

n. A brown color obtained from bitumen. See Mummy brown (below).

n. A sort of wax used in grafting, etc.

n. One whose affections and energies are withered.

v. t. To embalm; to mummify.

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