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Words that Rhyme with muskmelon

2 Syllable Words

belen, bellon, chelan, delane, ehlen, ellan, ellen, felan, felon, helen, hellen, jelen, kellan, kellen, mellen, mellon, melon, nelon, pelon, phelan, sellen, sellon, snellen, thelen, wehlan, wellen, whelan, yellen

3 Syllable Words

excelan, flewellen, lewellen, maclellan, magellan, mcclellan, mcclellen, mckellan, mclellan

4 Syllable Words

integrelin, watermelon

Definition of muskmelon

n. The fruit of a cucubritaceous plant (Cicumis Melo), having a peculiar aromatic flavor, and cultivated in many varieties, the principal sorts being the cantaloupe, of oval form and yellowish flesh, and the smaller nutmeg melon with greenish flesh. See Illust. of Melon.

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