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Words that Rhyme with muzzle

2 Syllable Words

guzzle, nuzzle, puzzle, uzzle

Definitions of muzzle

v. i. The projecting mouth and nose of a quadruped, as of a horse; a snout.

v. i. The mouth of a thing; the end for entrance or discharge; as, the muzzle of a gun.

v. i. A fastening or covering (as a band or cage) for the mouth of an animal, to prevent eating or vicious biting.

v. t. To bind the mouth of; to fasten the mouth of, so as to prevent biting or eating; hence, figuratively, to bind; to sheathe; to restrain from speech or action.

v. t. To fondle with the closed mouth.

v. i. To bring the mouth or muzzle near.

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