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Words that Rhyme with pallet

2 Syllable Words

ballot, palate, palette, pallett, vallot

Definitions of pallet

n. A small and mean bed; a bed of straw.

n. Same as Palette.

n. A wooden implement used by potters, crucible makers, etc., for forming, beating, and rounding their works. It is oval, round, and of other forms.

n. A potter's wheel.

n. An instrument used to take up gold leaf from the pillow, and to apply it.

n. A tool for gilding the backs of books over the bands.

n. A board on which a newly molded brick is conveyed to the hack.

n. A click or pawl for driving a ratchet wheel.

n. One of the series of disks or pistons in the chain pump.

n. One of the pieces or levers connected with the pendulum of a clock, or the balance of a watch, which receive the immediate impulse of the scape-wheel, or balance wheel.

n. In the organ, a valve between the wind chest and the mouth of a pipe or row of pipes.

n. One of a pair of shelly plates that protect the siphon tubes of certain bivalves, as the Teredo. See Illust. of Teredo.

n. A cup containing three ounces, -- /ormerly used by surgeons.

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