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Words that Rhyme with pencil

2 Syllable Words

bensel, gensel, hensel, stencel, tensile, vensel, wensel

Definitions of pencil

n. A small, fine brush of hair or bristles used by painters for laying on colors.

n. A slender cylinder or strip of black lead, colored chalk, slate etc., or such a cylinder or strip inserted in a small wooden rod intended to be pointed, or in a case, which forms a handle, -- used for drawing or writing. See Graphite.

n. Hence, figuratively, an artist's ability or peculiar manner; also, in general, the act or occupation of the artist, descriptive writer, etc.

n. An aggregate or collection of rays of light, especially when diverging from, or converging to, a point.

n. A number of lines that intersect in one point, the point of intersection being called the pencil point.

n. A small medicated bougie.

v. t. To write or mark with a pencil; to paint or to draw.

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