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Words that Rhyme with penna

2 Syllable Words

bena, bene, brenna, dania, duena, ena, gena, genna, glenna, henna, kenna, menna, pena, renna, sena, senna, stena, tena, zenna

3 Syllable Words

alzena, antenna, catania, celena, cesena, desena, duena, ellena, erena, fermenta, gerena, hegenna, lapenna, larena, laurena, lorena, mckenna, modena, ravenna, scatena, sienna, sirena, tanzania, vienna

4 Syllable Words

camarena, delapena, dellapenna, dromomania, maddalena, madelena, mauritania, ognibene, pennsylvania, tornabene, transylvania

Definition of penna

n. A perfect, or normal, feather.

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