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Words that Rhyme with perception

3 Syllable Words

conception, deception, exception, inception, reception

4 Syllable Words

contraception, interception, misconception, misperception, preconception, self-deception

Definitions of perception

n. The act of perceiving; cognizance by the senses or intellect; apperhension by the bodily organs, or by the mind, of what is presented to them; discernment; apperhension; cognition.

n. The faculty of perceiving; the faculty, or peculiar part, of man's constitution by which he has knowledge through the medium or instrumentality of the bodily organs; the act of apperhending material objects or qualities through the senses; -- distinguished from conception.

n. The quality, state, or capability, of being affected by something external; sensation; sensibility.

n. An idea; a notion.

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