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Words that Rhyme with pillar

2 Syllable Words

biller, chiller, cihlar, ciller, diller, driller, filler, giller, hiller, killer, liller, millar, miller, piller, schiller, shiller, siller, spiller, stiller, thriller, tiller, villar, willer, ziller

3 Syllable Words

bradtmiller, brownmiller, dannemiller, distiller, freymiller, gutzwiller, kitzmiller, litwiller, lockmiller, mankiller, manwiller, mcmiller, painkiller, reid-miller, stadtmiller, steinmiller, windmiller, winemiller

4 Syllable Words

caterpillar, caterpiller, dannemiller, druckenmiller, rototiller

Definitions of pillar

n. The general and popular term for a firm, upright, insulated support for a superstructure; a pier, column, or post; also, a column or shaft not supporting a superstructure, as one erected for a monument or an ornament.

n. Figuratively, that which resembles such a pillar in appearance, character, or office; a supporter or mainstay; as, the Pillars of Hercules; a pillar of the state.

n. A portable ornamental column, formerly carried before a cardinal, as emblematic of his support to the church.

n. The center of the volta, ring, or manege ground, around which a horse turns.

a. Having a support in the form of a pillar, instead of legs; as, a pillar drill.

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