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Words that Rhyme with plating

2 Syllable Words

baiting, crating, dating, grating, hating, mating, rating, skating, stating, waiting, weighting

3 Syllable Words

abating, awaiting, berating, castrating, creating, debating, deflating, dictating, donating, elating, equating, frustrating, gyrating, iceskating, inflating, locating, mandating, migrating, misstating, negating, nitrating, placating, pulsating, relating, restating, rotating, sedating, speedskating, stagnating, translating, updating

4 Syllable Words

abdicating, abrogating, activating, advocating, aggravating, agitating, allocating, alternating, annotating, arbitrating, automating, calculating, captivating, castigating, celebrating, chlorinating, circulating, compensating, complicating, concentrating, confiscating, consummating, contemplating, culminating, cultivating, decimating, decorating, dedicating, delegating, demonstrating, denigrating, deprecating, designating, detonating, devastating, dissipating, dominating, duplicating, educating, elevating, emanating, emigrating, emulating, escalating, estimating, excavating, fabricating, fascinating, fluctuating, formulating, generating, graduating, gravitating, hesitating, illustrating, imitating, implicating, incubating, indicating, infiltrating, innovating, instigating, insulating, integrating, inundating, irritating, isolating, laminating, legislating, levitating, liberating, liquidating, litigating, lubricating, masturbating, mediating, meditating, mitigating, moderating, motivating, mutilating, nauseating, navigating, nominating, obviating, operating, orchestrating, oscillating, overstating, penetrating, percolating, permeating, perpetrating, populating, promulgating, propagating, radiating, recreating, regulating, reinstating, relegating, renovating, replicating, resonating, salivating, saturating, segregating, separating, simulating, speculating, stimulating, stipulating, suffocating, syndicating, tabulating, terminating, titillating, tolerating, understating, undulating, urinating, vacillating, validating, ventilating

5 Syllable Words

abbreviating, accelerating, accentuating, accommodating, accumulating, adjudicating, administrating, affiliating, alienating, alleviating, anticipating, appreciating, appropriating, approximating, articulating, assassinating, assimilating, associating, authenticating, coagulating, collaborating, commemorating, communicating, congratulating, consolidating, contaminating, cooperating, coordinating, corroborating, debilitating, decaffeinating, decelerating, degenerating, deliberating, delineating, depreciating, deregulating, discriminating, disintegrating, disseminating, domesticating, elaborating, electroplating, eliminating, encapsulating, enunciating, equivocating, eradicating, evacuating, evaluating, evaporating, exacerbating, exaggerating, exasperating, excoriating, excruciating, exhilarating, exonerating, extenuating, exterminating, extrapolating, facilitating, humiliating, hydrogenating, illuminating, impersonating, inaugurating, incarcerating, incinerating, incorporating, incriminating, infatuating, infuriating, ingratiating, initiating, interrogating, intimidating, intoxicating, invalidating, investigating, invigorating, manipulating, necessitating, negotiating, nonoperating, obliterating, officiating, originating, participating, perpetuating, pontificating, precipitating, predominating, procrastinating, prognosticating, proliferating, reactivating, reallocating, recalculating, reciprocating, recuperating, redecorating, regenerating, reiterating, rejuvenating, repatriating, repudiating, resuscitating, retaliating, reverberating, self-deprecating, subordinating

6 Syllable Words

deteriorating, differentiating, incapacitating, misappropriating, overestimating, reevaluating, rehabilitating, reincorporating, reinvigorating, renegotiating, self-perpetuating, underestimating

Definitions of plating

p. pr. & vb. n. of Plate

n. The art or process of covering anything with a plate or plates, or with metal, particularly of overlaying a base or dull metal with a thin plate of precious or bright metal, as by mechanical means or by electro-magnetic deposition.

n. A thin coating of metal laid upon another metal.

n. A coating or defensive armor of metal (usually steel) plates.

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