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Words that Rhyme with pliers

2 Syllable Words

ayers, bryars, buyer's, buyers, buyers', byars, byers, dryers, fire's, fires, fliers, flyers, friars, fryers, grier's, hires, hyers, i'ers, liars, meier's, meyer's, meyers, miers, myers, priors, pryor's, smyers, spiers, squiers, squires, stiers, styers, swyers, syers, tires, viars, wires, wyers

3 Syllable Words

acquires, aspires, backfires, bonfires, campfires, ceasefires, desires, doubtfire's, doubtfires, expires, highfliers, homebuyers, inquires, longmeyer's, requires, retires, satires, supplier's, suppliers, suppliers', transpires, umpires, wildfires

4 Syllable Words

amplifiers, didemeyer's, fortifiers, magnifiers, occupiers, pacifiers, purifiers, qualifiers, rectifiers, staffordshire's

5 Syllable Words


Definition of pliers

n. pl. A kind of small pinchers with long jaws, -- used for bending or cutting metal rods or wire, for handling small objects such as the parts of a watch, etc.

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