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Words that Rhyme with poach

1 Syllable Words

broach, brooch, coach, doetsch, goetsch, roach, roache, roche

2 Syllable Words

approach, caroche, cockroach, encroach, reproach, stagecoach

Definitions of poach

v. & n. To cook, as eggs, by breaking them into boiling water; also, to cook with butter after breaking in a vessel.

v. & n. To rob of game; to pocket and convey away by stealth, as game; hence, to plunder.

v. i. To steal or pocket game, or to carry it away privately, as in a bag; to kill or destroy game contrary to law, especially by night; to hunt or fish unlawfully; as, to poach for rabbits or for salmon.

v. t. To stab; to pierce; to spear, \as fish.

v. t. To force, drive, or plunge into anything.

v. t. To make soft or muddy by trampling

v. t. To begin and not complete.

v. i. To become soft or muddy.

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