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Words that Rhyme with pons

1 Syllable Words

bonn's, brons, bronze, caen's, cons, don's, dons, donze, fons, han's, hons, hwan's, jahns, john's, johns, jon's, kahn's, khan's, konz, lons, ons, ron's, schons, sohns, sons', spawns, swann's, swans, vons

2 Syllable Words

alphonse, axons, batons, come-ons, crayons, hogan's, hogans, icons, ions, kahan's, lat-lons, lifson's, mesons, micron's, microns, milan's, neons, neutrons, nylons, omans, pecans, photons, pompons, proton's, protons, put-ons, pylons, run-ons, salons, slip-ons, st-johns, taiwan's, tehran's, tehrans, try-ons, upjohn's, walk-ons, yuan's, yvonne's

3 Syllable Words

afrikaans, ailerons, amazon's, amazons, antiphons, avalon's, deuterons, echelons, farrakhan's, germiston's, goings-ons, helicons, infotron's, kazakhstan's, liaisons, lubicons, marathons, nithuekan's, oregon's, pentagon's, pentagons, positrons, ragavan's, reveron's, teheran's, teherans

4 Syllable Words

agamemnon's, azerbaijan's, olajuwon's

Definition of pons

n. A bridge; -- applied to several parts which connect others, but especially to the pons Varolii, a prominent band of nervous tissue situated on the ventral side of the medulla oblongata and connected at each side with the hemispheres of the cerebellum; the mesocephalon. See Brain.

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