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Words that Rhyme with powder

2 Syllable Words

bauder, browder, chowder, crowder, lauder, louder, prouder, souder, stauder

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of powder

n. The fine particles to which any dry substance is reduced by pounding, grinding, or triturating, or into which it falls by decay; dust.

n. An explosive mixture used in gunnery, blasting, etc.; gunpowder. See Gunpowder.

v. t. To reduce to fine particles; to pound, grind, or rub into a powder; to comminute; to pulverize; to triturate.

v. t. To sprinkle with powder, or as with powder; to be sprinkle; as, to powder the hair.

v. t. To sprinkle with salt; to corn, as meat.

v. i. To be reduced to powder; to become like powder; as, some salts powder easily.

v. i. To use powder on the hair or skin; as, she paints and powders.

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