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Words that Rhyme with primates

1 Syllable Words

ates, aytes, baits, bates, bates', cates, crates, dates, eight's, eights, fates, frates, gates, gates', gates's, grates, great's, greats, hates, kate's, kates, mates, pates, plates, rate's, rates, sates, scates, skates, slates, spates, speights, state's, states, states', straights, straits, tate's, traits, waite's, waites, waits, weights, yates, yeats, zaitz

2 Syllable Words

abates, allstate's, awaits, birthrates, castrates, chordates, classmates, coates, conflates, corestates, creates, debate's, debates, dictates, donates, equates, estate's, estates, floodgates, frustrates, inflates, inmate's, inmates, kuwait's, lecates, locates, magnates, mandates, misstates, moates, nameplates, narrates, negates, nitrates, playmates, predates, rebates, relates, restates, roommates, rotates, schoolmates, seagate's, shipmates, stargates, substrates, sulphates, sunstates, teammates, translates, updates, yeates

3 Syllable Words

abdicates, activates, advocates, aggravates, allocates, alternates, animates, annotates, arbitrates, aspirates, automates, calculates, carbonates, celebrates, circulates, compensates, complicates, concentrates, condensates, conjugates, contemplates, corestates', culminates, cultivates, dedicates, delegates, delegates', demonstrates, designates, deviates, dissipates, distillates, dominates, duplicates, educates, elevates, emigrates, emirates, emirates', escalates, estimates, fabricates, fascinates, fluctuates, formulates, generates, graduates, gravitates, heavyweights, herniates, hesitates, hippocrates, illustrates, imitates, implicates, inculcates, indicates, integrates, interstate's, interstates, irritates, isolates, legislates, liquidates, magistrates, masturbates, mithridates, mitigates, moderates, motivates, nominates, obligates, operates, orchestrates, oscillates, overstates, oxalates, penetrates, permeates, pollinates, postulates, potentates, predicates, procreates, radiates, recreates, regulates, replicates, resonates, separates, silicates, simulates, speculates, stimulates, stipulates, surrogates, syndicates, terminates, tolerates, understates, validates, vertebrates, vindicates

4 Syllable Words

abbreviates, accelerates, accommodates, accumulates, affiliate's, affiliates, alienates, anticipates, appreciates, appropriates, approximates, associates, attenuates, commemorates, communicates, consolidates, contaminates, cooperates, coordinates, corroborates, deliberates, delineates, depreciates, discriminates, disintegrates, elaborates, eliminates, enumerates, evaluates, evaporates, exacerbates, exaggerates, exonerates, expatriates, exterminates, facilitates, hydrogenates, illuminates, incorporates, infuriates, intimidates, invertebrates, investigates, manipulates, necessitates, negotiates, originates, participates, perpetuates, pontificates, predominates, prognosticates, rejuvenates, repudiates, reverberates, subordinates, substantiates

5 Syllable Words

deteriorates, differentiates, overestimates, recapitulates

Definition of primates

n. pl. The highest order of mammals. It includes man, together with the apes and monkeys. Cf. Pitheci.

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