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Words that Rhyme with puke

1 Syllable Words

boock, brueck, duke, duque, fluke, fuke, glueck, hoock, juke, kook, kueck, leuck, louque, luc, luecke, luick, luke, luque, muecke, nuke, souk, spook, steuck, stueck, tuk, wouk

2 Syllable Words

archduke, baruch, datuk, dubuque, dziuk, farouk, rebuke

3 Syllable Words

lachenbruch, mameluke, marmaduke

Definitions of puke

v. i. To eject the contests of the stomach; to vomit; to spew.

v. t. To eject from the stomach; to vomit up.

n. A medicine that causes vomiting; an emetic; a vomit.

a. Of a color supposed to be between black and russet.

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