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Words that Rhyme with purge

1 Syllable Words

berge, birge, burdge, dirge, merge, scourge, serge, splurge, spurge, surge, urge, verge, virge

2 Syllable Words

converge, diverge, emerge, submerge, upsurge

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of purge

v. t. To cleanse, clear, or purify by separating and carrying off whatever is impure, heterogeneous, foreign, or superfluous.

v. t. To operate on as, or by means of, a cathartic medicine, or in a similar manner.

v. t. To clarify; to defecate, as liquors.

v. t. To clear of sediment, as a boiler, or of air, as a steam pipe, by driving off or permitting escape.

v. t. To clear from guilt, or from moral or ceremonial defilement; as, to purge one of guilt or crime.

v. t. To clear from accusation, or the charge of a crime or misdemeanor, as by oath or in ordeal.

v. t. To remove in cleansing; to deterge; to wash away; -- often followed by away.

v. i. To become pure, as by clarification.

v. i. To have or produce frequent evacuations from the intestines, as by means of a cathartic.

v. t. The act of purging.

v. t. That which purges; especially, a medicine that evacuates the intestines; a cathartic.

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