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Words that Rhyme with rejoin

1 Syllable Words

boyne, coin, coyne, goin, goyne, groin, hoyne, join, loin, moines

2 Syllable Words

adjoin, ardoin, aucoin, beaudoin, boudoin, bourgoin, bowdoin, burgoyne, chaudoin, chicoine, conjoin, enjoin, jodoin, lemoine, leoine, mccoin, mcgloin, micoin, purloin, raboin

3 Syllable Words

tenderloin, tretinoin

Definitions of rejoin

v. t. To join again; to unite after separation.

v. t. To come, or go, again into the presence of; to join the company of again.

v. t. To state in reply; -- followed by an object clause.

v. i. To answer to a reply.

v. i. To answer, as the defendant to the plaintiff's replication.

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