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Words that Rhyme with reprise

1 Syllable Words

ais, ayes, b's, b.'s, b.s, beas, bee's, bees, beese, bes, bies, bise, brees, breese, breeze, briese, buy's, buys, c's, c.'s, c.s, cees, cheese, chi's, crees, cries, crise, d's, d.'s, d.s, deas, dee's, dees, deese, deis, di's, dies, dise, drees, dreese, dreis, dries, dyes, e's, e.'s, e.s, ease, eis, eye's, eyes, eyes', fees, feese, fleas, flees, flies, freas, frease, freeh's, frees, freese, freeze, freis, frese, fries, friese, frieze, friis, fry's, g's, g.'s, g.s, gee's, geez, geis, gies, greis, gries, griese, grise, guise, guy's, guys, guys', he's, hees, heese, highs, hise, i's, i.'s, i.s, ise, jeez, keas, kee's, kees, keese, key's, keyes, keyes', keys, kise, klee's, klees, kleis, knees, knies, kreis, kriese, krise, kyes, leas, lee's, lees, li's, lies, liese, lise, mease, mees, meis, mies, mize, neas, nease, nees, neese, neis, nies, niese, nuys, p's, p.'s, p.s, peas, pease, pies, pleas, please, plese, plies, preas, preis, pries, prize, reas, rees, reis, ries, riese, rise, saez, schleis, sea's, seas, sease, sees, seese, seize, she's, shies, sies, sighs, size, skees, skies, skis, sky's, sleaze, sneeze, speas, spease, spees, spies, spiess, sprees, squeeze, stees, t's, t.'s, t.s, teas, tease, tees, thai's, thais, theis, these, thies, thighs, three's, threes, ties, trease, trees, treese, tries, tsai's, v's, v.'s, v.s, vees, vies, vries, wease, weese, wheeze, why's, whys, wies, wiese, wise, wyse, y's, y.'s, yeas, z's, z.'s, zeese, zeis

2 Syllable Words

advise, agrees, allies, ally's, andries, annie's, appease, applies, apprise, arise, ashis, aziz, baptize, baytree's, beebe's, beebes, belies, belize, bibi's, bigeyes, bitesize, bradlees, brunjes, burmese, c.d.s, cadiz, capri's, capsize, ccs, cds, chastise, chemise, chinese, clockwise, complies, comprise, crosswise, decrees, decries, deffeyes, defies, defrees, defries, degrees, demise, denies, despise, devise, disease, disguise, displease, downsize, draftees, duvrees, eddie's, edgewise, emprise, esprit's, faries, feces, fejes, foresees, franchise, francies, furches, gadflies, goodbyes, grammies, grantree's, greenlees, grindlays, hardee's, hawkeye's, headcheese, heartwise, highrise, humvee's, humvees, implies, incise, jaycees, july's, ladies', laudise, lengthwise, lessees, levis, likewise, lily's, louise, maglaj's, magpies, maltese, marie's, markey's, marseilles, mcclees, mcfly's, mcgee's, mckee's, mclees, mcnease, mcnees, menees, midsize, mihai's, monsees, mores, mountleigh's, munchies, neckties, nestle's, ortiz, outcries, outsize, parties', pawnees, pint-size, popeye's, popeyes, powercise, rabbis, ramesses, ramses, realize, relies, replies, revise, rowntree's, ruiz, rupees, scorsese, shanghai's, sidewise, sinise, sonrise, standbys, streetwise, striptease, stylize, sunday's, sundays, sunnis, sunrise, supplies, supply's, surmise, surprise, talese, testes, thirty's, timewise, trainees, trapeze, trustee's, trustees, trustees', tt's, unease, unwise, upsize, vanhise, vertrees

3 Syllable Words

abductees, abeles, absentees, abts, adoptees, advertise, aggrandize, agonize, alibis, alkalies, amortize, amplifies, amputees, analyze, angeles', anglicize, annamese, antifreeze, apc's, applebee's, appointees, attendees, aujourd'hui's, authorize, balinese, balkanize, bramalea's, brutalize, burglarize, butterflies, butterfly's, cantonese, carbonize, catalyze, celanese, centralize, certifies, chatichai's, cherokee's, cherokees, christianize, circumcise, civilize, clarifies, classifies, codifies, colonize, colorize, communize, compromise, conferees, creolize, criticize, crystallize, customize, damocles, delouis, demonize, deportees, deputize, designees, detainees, devotees, digitize, diocese, dioceses, disagrees, dramatize, duis, elouise, elysees, empathize, emphases, emphasize, energize, enfranchise, enlistees, enrollees, enterprise, equalize, escapees, eulogize, euthanize, exercise, expertise, fantasize, federalize, fertilize, filigrees, finalize, fireflies, formalize, fossilize, franchisees, franchisees', fraternize, galvanize, glamorize, globalize, glorifies, guarantee's, guarantees, guaranties, guaranty's, harmonize, hawaii's, hellenize, hercules, heroize, honeybees, honorees, hoverflies, humanize, hyades, hybridize, hydrolyze, hypnotize, idealize, idolize, immunize, improvise, indices, inductees, internees, ionize, ironize, itemize, japanese, javanese, jeanlouis, jeopardize, journalese, justifies, laurentiis, lebanese, legalize, liberalize, licensees, lionize, localize, lullabies, maccabees, machetes, magnifies, manatees, manganese, matterease, maximize, mechanize, memories', memorize, mercedeses, merchandise, mesmerize, minimize, mobilize, modernize, modifies, moralize, motorize, multiplies, mystifies, nationalize, naturalize, nepalese, neutralize, nobodies, nobody's, nominee's, nominees, normalize, notifies, nullifies, occupies, optimize, organize, ostracize, otherwise, overseas, oversees, oversize, oxidize, panelize, paralyze, parolees, pasteurize, patronize, penalize, penikese, plagiarize, pleiades, polarize, portuguese, pressurize, privatize, publicize, pulverize, qualifies, rameses, randomize, ratifies, realize, recognize, referee's, referees, resignees, retiree's, retirees, retirees', returnees, rhapsodize, rubberize, rwandese, samurai's, samurais, sanitize, satirize, satisfies, scandalize, scrutinize, sensitize, siamese, signifies, simplifies, sinhalese, socialize, socrates, specialize, specifies, stabilize, stalinize, standardize, stds, sterilize, stigmatize, stylize, subsidize, sudanese, summarize, supervise, symbolize, sympathize, synchronize, synthesize, taiwanese, tantalize, televise, temporize, tennessee's, terrifies, terrorize, testifies, theorize, timorese, tranquilize, traumatize, trivialize, typifies, underlies, underseas, unionize, urbanize, uruguay's, utilize, vandalize, vaporize, verbalize, verifies, visualize, wannabees, wannabes, wedowee's, westernize, winterize, womanize

4 Syllable Words

abdulaziz, accessorize, acidifies, actualize, africanize, alphabetize, aluminize, analyses, annualize, antagonize, antigone's, antigones, apologize, bureaucratese, calliopes, cannibalize, capitalize, caramelize, categorize, characterize, collectivize, commercialize, computerize, containerize, criminalize, decentralize, deemphasize, delaurentiis, demobilize, democratize, demoralize, depersonalize, depressurize, desensitize, destabilize, disenfranchise, disorganize, disqualifies, economize, electrifies, epitomize, evangelize, exemplifies, familiarize, federalize, fictionalize, generalize, homogenize, hospitalize, hypotheses, hypothesize, identifies, immobilize, indochinese, intensifies, internalize, interviewees, isosceles, lapd's, legitimize, liberalize, marginalize, metabolize, metastasize, militarize, mineralize, miniaturize, monopolize, nationalize, naturalize, parentheses, personalize, personifies, politicize, polymerize, popularize, powerpcs, powerpcs', preoccupies, prioritize, propagandize, proselytize, radicalize, rationalize, reanalyse, reauthorize, reemphasize, regionalize, remerchandise, reorganize, revitalize, romanticize, securitize, serialize, solidifies, soliloquize, suburbanize, trivialize

5 Syllable Words

americanize, collateralize, compartmentalize, decriminalize, demilitarize, denationalize, departmentalize, depersonalize, industrialize, internationalize, materialize, memorialize, mischaracterize, overemphasize, professionalize, recapitalize, renationalize, revolutionize, sensationalize, underutilize

6 Syllable Words

editorialize, idiosyncrasies, internationalize, undercapitalize

7 Syllable Words


Definitions of reprise

n. A taking by way of retaliation.

n. Deductions and duties paid yearly out of a manor and lands, as rent charge, rent seck, pensions, annuities, and the like.

n. A ship recaptured from an enemy or from a pirate.

v. t. To take again; to retake.

v. t. To recompense; to pay.

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