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Words that Rhyme with riddle

2 Syllable Words

biddle, criddle, fiddle, friddle, liddell, liddle, middle, piddle, riddell, rydell, schmidl, siddall, siddell, siddle, spidel, spidell, twiddle, widdle, widell

Definitions of riddle

n. A sieve with coarse meshes, usually of wire, for separating coarser materials from finer, as chaff from grain, cinders from ashes, or gravel from sand.

n. A board having a row of pins, set zigzag, between which wire is drawn to straighten it.

v. t. To separate, as grain from the chaff, with a riddle; to pass through a riddle; as, riddle wheat; to riddle coal or gravel.

v. t. To perforate so as to make like a riddle; to make many holes in; as, a house riddled with shot.

n. Something proposed to be solved by guessing or conjecture; a puzzling question; an ambiguous proposition; an enigma; hence, anything ambiguous or puzzling.

v. t. To explain; to solve; to unriddle.

v. i. To speak ambiguously or enigmatically.

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