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Words that Rhyme with ross

1 Syllable Words

aase, blas, bloss, bos, boss, boss', bosse, bras, bross, clauss, clos, closs, cos, coss, costs, cros, cross, crosse, dazs, dos, doss, dross, fauss, floss, foss, fosse, fross, gloss, goss, gosse, grosse, haas, haase, haass, hahs, hasse, hoss, joss, klaas, klos, kloss, knauss, knous, kos, koss, krause, krausse, kross, las, los, loss, maass, mauss, mohs, moss, nauss, noss, os, oss, ploss, pos, poss, pross, ros, ross', rosse, sauce, schloss, sloss, soss, stauss, toss, vause, vohs, vos, voss, vyas, wass, yoss, zoss

2 Syllable Words

abbas, across, alsace, amoss, beschloss, beschloss', caguas, cedras, cedras', chandross, chavous, criss-cross, crisscross, demoss, devoss, emboss, exhausts, gotaas, hamas, hamas', hammas, hammas', hot-cross, kiryas, kjos, lacoss, lacross, lacrosse, lafosse, loanloss, pangloss, recross, shallcross, shawcross, soysauce, starcross, tomas, vandross, vanoss

3 Syllable Words

albatross, applesauce, helios, holycross, semigloss, srinivas, wenceslaus

Definitions of ross

n. The rough, scaly matter on the surface of the bark of trees.

v. t. To divest of the ross, or rough, scaly surface; as, to ross bark.

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