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Words that Rhyme with rover

2 Syllable Words

clover, dover, drover, grover, kovar, kover, over, slover, snover, stover

3 Syllable Words

brookover, carryover, changeover, cordover, crossover, crownover, eastover, hangover, holdover, landover, layover, leftover, makeover, moreover, passover, pushover, rollover, spillover, stayover, stopover, takeover, turnover, vanover, voiceover, westover

4 Syllable Words


5 Syllable Words


Definitions of rover

v. i. One who practices robbery on the seas; a pirate.

v. i. One who wanders about by sea or land; a wanderer; a rambler.

v. i. Hence, a fickle, inconstant person.

v. i. A ball which has passed through all the hoops and would go out if it hit the stake but is continued in play; also, the player of such a ball.

v. i. Casual marks at uncertain distances.

v. i. A sort of arrow.

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