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Words that Rhyme with sandal

2 Syllable Words

andal, andel, bandel, brandel, brandl, brandle, candle, crandall, crandell, fandel, handel, handle, kandel, krandall, mandel, mandell, mandl, mandle, randal, randall, randel, randle, randol, scandal, vandal, yandell, yandle

3 Syllable Words

manhandle, mishandle, panhandle, vanhandel

Definitions of sandal

n. Same as Sendal.

n. Sandalwood.

n. A kind of shoe consisting of a sole strapped to the foot; a protection for the foot, covering its lower surface, but not its upper.

n. A kind of slipper.

n. An overshoe with parallel openings across the instep.

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