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Words that Rhyme with scald

1 Syllable Words

auld, bald, balled, bawled, called, crawled, drawled, hald, hauled, mauled, scrawled, sprawled, stalled, wald, walde, walled

2 Syllable Words

appalled, braunwald, edwald, enthralled, freiwald, greenwald, grunwald, installed, mothballed, piebald, recalled, reinwald, schoenwald, seewald, snowballed, so-called, stonewalled, uncalled

3 Syllable Words

archibald, overhauled, rosenwald, steigerwald

Definitions of scald

v. t. To burn with hot liquid or steam; to pain or injure by contact with, or immersion in, any hot fluid; as, to scald the hand.

v. t. To expose to a boiling or violent heat over a fire, or in hot water or other liquor; as, to scald milk or meat.

n. A burn, or injury to the skin or flesh, by some hot liquid, or by steam.

a. Affected with the scab; scabby.

a. Scurvy; paltry; as, scald rhymers.

n. Scurf on the head. See Scall.

n. One of the ancient Scandinavian poets and historiographers; a reciter and singer of heroic poems, eulogies, etc., among the Norsemen; more rarely, a bard of any of the ancient Teutonic tribes.

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