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Words that Rhyme with scholastic

2 Syllable Words

drastic, plastic

3 Syllable Words

bombastic, dynastic, elastic, fantastic, fantastik, gymnastic, monastic, sarcastic

4 Syllable Words

inelastic, onomastic, thermoplastic

5 Syllable Words

ecclesiastic, enthusiastic, iconoclastic, interscholastic

6 Syllable Words


Definitions of scholastic

a. Pertaining to, or suiting, a scholar, a school, or schools; scholarlike; as, scholastic manners or pride; scholastic learning.

a. Of or pertaining to the schoolmen and divines of the Middle Ages (see Schoolman); as, scholastic divinity or theology; scholastic philosophy.

a. Hence, characterized by excessive subtilty, or needlessly minute subdivisions; pedantic; formal.

n. One who adheres to the method or subtilties of the schools.

n. See the Note under Jesuit.

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