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Words that Rhyme with scour

1 Syllable Words

blauer, bour, dour, dower, flour, hour, jour, krauer, lour, n'dour, our, sour

2 Syllable Words

auer, bauer, baur, bougher, bower, brauer, brougher, brower, clower, cower, dauer, dessauer, dour, flour, flower, gauer, glower, gower, grauer, hallbauer, hauer, hour, how're, hower, kauer, klauer, knauer, labour, lauer, mauer, nauer, newshour, our, picower, power, rauer, salzhauer, sauer, schauer, shower, sour, tauer, tower, trower, vorhauer

3 Syllable Words

adenauer, airpower, beebower, belflower, bellflower, brainpower, coneflower, cornflower, datapower, devour, empower, fillauer, firepower, hightower, horsepower, hufbauer, hydropower, landauer, manpower, mayflower, mortgagepower, safflower, seapower, sunflower, wallflower, wildflower, willpower, zembower

4 Syllable Words

cauliflower, eisenhower, icenhower, mph, overpower, superpower, underpower

Definitions of scour

v. t. To rub hard with something rough, as sand or Bristol brick, especially for the purpose of cleaning; to clean by friction; to make clean or bright; to cleanse from grease, dirt, etc., as articles of dress.

v. t. To purge; as, to scour a horse.

v. t. To remove by rubbing or cleansing; to sweep along or off; to carry away or remove, as by a current of water; -- often with off or away.

v. t. To pass swiftly over; to brush along; to traverse or search thoroughly; as, to scour the coast.

v. i. To clean anything by rubbing.

v. i. To cleanse anything.

v. i. To be purged freely; to have a diarrhoea.

v. i. To run swiftly; to rove or range in pursuit or search of something; to scamper.

n. Diarrhoea or dysentery among cattle.

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