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Words that Rhyme with scuttle

2 Syllable Words

nuttall, nuttle, ruttle, shuttle, subtle, suttle, tuttle, what'll

3 Syllable Words

rebuttal, unsubtle

Definitions of scuttle

n. A broad, shallow basket.

n. A wide-mouthed vessel for holding coal: a coal hod.

v. i. To run with affected precipitation; to hurry; to bustle; to scuddle.

n. A quick pace; a short run.

n. A small opening in an outside wall or covering, furnished with a lid.

n. A small opening or hatchway in the deck of a ship, large enough to admit a man, and with a lid for covering it, also, a like hole in the side or bottom of a ship.

n. An opening in the roof of a house, with a lid.

n. The lid or door which covers or closes an opening in a roof, wall, or the like.

v. t. To cut a hole or holes through the bottom, deck, or sides of (as of a ship), for any purpose.

v. t. To sink by making holes through the bottom of; as, to scuttle a ship.

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