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Words that Rhyme with search

1 Syllable Words

bertch, bertsch, bertsche, birch, burch, burtch, church, durch, gertsch, lerche, lurch, perch

2 Syllable Words

research, upchurch, whitchurch

Definitions of search

v. t. To look over or through, for the purpose of finding something; to examine; to explore; as, to search the city.

v. t. To inquire after; to look for; to seek.

v. t. To examine or explore by feeling with an instrument; to probe; as, to search a wound.

v. t. To examine; to try; to put to the test.

v. i. To seek; to look for something; to make inquiry, exploration, or examination; to hunt.

v. t. The act of seeking or looking for something; quest; inquiry; pursuit for finding something; examination.

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