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Words that Rhyme with sermon

2 Syllable Words

berman, birman, burman, dearmon, derman, erman, ermine, ferman, firman, german, germann, gherman, herman, hermann, hermon, jerman, kerman, kurman, lerhman, perman, scherman, schurman, sherman, sirman, sirmon, sterman, sturman, surman, terman, thurman, thurmon, turman, urman, werman, worman, yerman

3 Syllable Words

determine, mcdearmon, mcdurman, singerman, ungermann

4 Syllable Words


Definitions of sermon

n. A discourse or address; a talk; a writing; as, the sermons of Chaucer.

n. Specifically, a discourse delivered in public, usually by a clergyman, for the purpose of religious instruction and grounded on some text or passage of Scripture.

n. Hence, a serious address; a lecture on one's conduct or duty; an exhortation or reproof; a homily; -- often in a depreciatory sense.

v. i. To speak; to discourse; to compose or deliver a sermon.

v. t. To discourse to or of, as in a sermon.

v. t. To tutor; to lecture.

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