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Words that Rhyme with shiver

2 Syllable Words

giver, ivar, liver, quiver, river, sliver

3 Syllable Words

caregiver, deliver, downriver, mciver, mcivor, upriver

Definitions of shiver

n. One of the small pieces, or splinters, into which a brittle thing is broken by sudden violence; -- generally used in the plural.

n. A thin slice; a shive.

n. A variety of blue slate.

n. A sheave or small wheel in a pulley.

n. A small wedge, as for fastening the bolt of a window shutter.

n. A spindle.

v. t. To break into many small pieces, or splinters; to shatter; to dash to pieces by a blow; as, to shiver a glass goblet.

v. i. To separate suddenly into many small pieces or parts; to be shattered.

v. i. To tremble; to vibrate; to quiver; to shake, as from cold or fear.

v. t. To cause to shake or tremble, as a sail, by steering close to the wind.

n. The act of shivering or trembling.

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