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Words that Rhyme with shot

1 Syllable Words

baht, bhatt, blot, bott, bought, brott, caught, clot, clott, cot, cott, dot, dott, flott, got, gott, hot, hott, jot, khat, knot, knott, kot, kott, lat, lot, lott, lotte, mott, motte, not, nott, notte, ott, otte, plot, plott, pot, pott, rot, rott, rrrot, schaadt, schlott, schott, schrodt, scot, scott, shott, slot, slott, spot, sprott, squat, staat, stott, swat, szot, szott, tot, trot, trott, voght, watt, yacht, yott

2 Syllable Words

abott, alcott, allot, alot, ascot, ascott, aucott, batat, boitnott, boycott, buckshot, cannot, crackpot, croat, demott, earshot, eyespot, feedlot, forgot, grapeshot, gunshot, helfgott, hotshot, inkblot, jackpot, kiryat, labatt, lamott, longshot, loquat, malott, marcott, mascot, perrott, poinot, potshot, qiryat, refaat, robot, sadat, slingshot, snapshot, sunspot, surat, teapot, topknot, upshot, vancott, westcott, whatnot, woodlot

3 Syllable Words

aeroflot, aforethought, afterthought, apricot, aquanaut, astronaut, aydelotte, barakat, camelot, checkerspot, cuisinart, cypriot, endicott, flowerpot, huguenot, kennecott, kilowatt, konsultat, lancelot, launcelot, mallinckrodt, megawatt, ocelot, overshot, oviatt, scattershot, superdot

Definitions of shot

imp. & p. p. of Shoot

imp. & p. p. of Shoot.

a. Woven in such a way as to produce an effect of variegation, of changeable tints, or of being figured; as, shot silks. See Shoot, v. t., 8.

v. t. A share or proportion; a reckoning; a scot.

pl. of Shot

n. The act of shooting; discharge of a firearm or other weapon which throws a missile.

n. A missile weapon, particularly a ball or bullet; specifically, whatever is discharged as a projectile from firearms or cannon by the force of an explosive.

n. Small globular masses of lead, of various sizes, -- used chiefly for killing game; as, bird shot; buckshot.

n. The flight of a missile, or the distance which it is, or can be, thrown; as, the vessel was distant more than a cannon shot.

n. A marksman; one who practices shooting; as, an exellent shot.

v. t. To load with shot, as a gun.

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