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Words that Rhyme with silversides

1 Syllable Words

bride's, brides, chides, fides, glides, guide's, guides, hides, hyde's, prides, rides, side's, sides, sides', slides, strides, tides, wide's

2 Syllable Words

abides, allied's, asides, azides, besides, bromides, burnside's, carbide's, collides, confides, decides, derides, divides, downsides, fluorides, hillsides, insides, landslides, lapides, outsides, oxides, peptides, presides, provides, resides, roadsides, subsides, whitesides, worldwide's

3 Syllable Words

apartheid's, certified's, coincides, fratricides, fungicides, glucosides, herbicides, homicides, iodide's, iodides, ironsides, mountainsides, nationwide's, overrides, pesticides, suicides, tellurides

4 Syllable Words

insecticides, triglycerides

5 Syllable Words


Definition of silversides

n. Any one of several species of small fishes of the family Atherinidae, having a silvery stripe along each side of the body. The common species of the American coast (Menidia notata) is very abundant. Called also silverside, sand smelt, friar, tailor, and tinker.

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