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Words that Rhyme with slacken

2 Syllable Words

bakken, blacken, bracken, chacon, glacken, hakon, machen, macken

3 Syllable Words

mccracken, mccrackin, mcmackin, mcmakin

Definitions of slacken

a. To become slack; to be made less tense, firm, or rigid; to decrease in tension; as, a wet cord slackens in dry weather.

a. To be remiss or backward; to be negligent.

a. To lose cohesion or solidity by a chemical combination with water; to slake; as, lime slacks.

a. To abate; to become less violent.

a. To lose rapidity; to become more slow; as, a current of water slackens.

a. To languish; to fail; to flag.

a. To end; to cease; to desist; to slake.

v. t. To render slack; to make less tense or firm; as, to slack a rope; to slacken a bandage.

v. t. To neglect; to be remiss in.

v. t. To deprive of cohesion by combining chemically with water; to slake; as, to slack lime.

v. t. To cause to become less eager; to repress; to make slow or less rapid; to retard; as, to slacken pursuit; to slacken industry.

v. t. To cause to become less intense; to mitigate; to abate; to ease.

n. A spongy, semivitrifled substance which miners or smelters mix with the ores of metals to prevent their fusion.

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