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Words that Rhyme with slander

2 Syllable Words

ander, bander, blander, brander, candor, gander, glander, grander, hander, lander, landor, mander, pander, rander, sander, sandor, stander, standre, vander, zander

3 Syllable Words

bystander, commander, evander, highlander, leander, lysander, mainlander, meander, rosander, santander, sjolander, skenandore, stadtlander, swartzlander, telander, wicklander

4 Syllable Words

aleksander, aleksandr, alexander, calamander, coriander, gerrymander, nederlander, oleander, salamander, scalamandre, subcommander, vandevander

5 Syllable Words


Definitions of slander

n. A false tale or report maliciously uttered, tending to injure the reputation of another; the malicious utterance of defamatory reports; the dissemination of malicious tales or suggestions to the injury of another.

n. Disgrace; reproach; dishonor; opprobrium.

n. Formerly, defamation generally, whether oral or written; in modern usage, defamation by words spoken; utterance of false, malicious, and defamatory words, tending to the damage and derogation of another; calumny. See the Note under Defamation.

v. t. To defame; to injure by maliciously uttering a false report; to tarnish or impair the reputation of by false tales maliciously told or propagated; to calumniate.

v. t. To bring discredit or shame upon by one's acts.

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