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Words that Rhyme with slouch

1 Syllable Words

bautch, blouch, bouch, bouche, couch, crouch, dauch, fouch, fouche, foutch, grouch, ouch, pautsch, pouch, rouch, vouch

2 Syllable Words


3 Syllable Words


Definitions of slouch

n. A hanging down of the head; a drooping attitude; a limp appearance; an ungainly, clownish gait; a sidewise depression or hanging down, as of a hat brim.

n. An awkward, heavy, clownish fellow.

v. i. To droop, as the head.

v. i. To walk in a clumsy, lazy manner.

v. t. To cause to hang down; to depress at the side; as, to slouth the hat.

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